In the machining of precision parts such as iron, aluminum, accept the challenge to higher-value-added of high precision products.

Since the day it was founded, we installed machining center actively and have been accumulating the processing techniques and know-how to operate it. Forming a plan of processing methods and process, machine programming, designing and manufacturing jig and tools in our company consistently allows us to have a reasonable and high quality processing and also by maintaining inspection systems using new measurement equipment. We provide high quality products.

Inspection in the processing
Using a dedicated inspection instrument, by performing a rapid inspection of the product after processing is complete, to prevent stability and outflow of defective quality.

Quality control in mass production
For the processed goods, a certain number is precisely measured everyday by three-dimensional measuring instrument and these data is feed backed by a person in charge of processing. If necessary, the correction of machinery settings is processed.
※ USA  3D measuring machine made by OGP co., / hold 2

Appearance Inspection
Gage inspection for the important parts such as threaded screw hole and precision hold for registration etc. or exterior inspections for unfavorable detects and harmful burrs etc., are made in a certain number or in the total number